Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Picture and Video of 3D Design


Our 3D Design

Our idea is the Magnet Key Chain, many people have a hard time finding their name on something like a key chain. To get a key chain with your name and then you may want to change that to your school name on it, it’s a waste of money to get 2 different key chain. So that’s why we made it a magnet so you can change its color and its words. We solved many problems like how can we print a magnet or how to make a chain. We did not put magnets in it it's just a prototype but we were able to make a chain. We did lots of background research to make sure that our design is a home made design that no one has made our creative design.

We made our Magnet Key Chain using tinker cad. We used letters our letters we used was FHC. Then we took a rectangle then layer it flat on the program we made 2 smaller rectangles on the side. To make the chain we used tiny circles then we used one big circle attach on the thing you desire.

Next time we will print the letters separately, they were not able to move around. Also we would probably make the chain more durable . We could make holes to put the magnet in the box part. I think are model is great but next time we would put these tings into our model .

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


S.T.E.M stem is science, math, tecnology, and enginering. Last year when the 5th graders built the robot that was enginering. Math was geting the corect measurements. Tecnolgy was everything. Science is the robot aspect.

My late picture

Monday, February 9, 2015




 We are having a hard time getting it on the line, but we are close to making it off the line. We still have not made it one the line yet after a week. We are working as a team better than before. Will renamed the robots file to “ OC 5th grade”. Will likes to run the robot but each time I almost delete the file, so I  type the paper and help program  the robot. I named the robot Roberto.We are not finding how to do the challenge correctly. The due date is Monday and that is is kind of crazy because we can't get it right. We are having a problem with the hole we are going to get a f and I say to be positive and Will does not care. Even though we are having a hard time I think it will work out.